Video Editing & Photographic

Video Editing & Photographic

Video editing

With more websites including videos in their site content, we are being asked with increasing frequency to edit and optimise videos for delivery over the web and for download.  This includes:

  • Editing and amendment of both video and audio content;
  • Optimisation & aspect ratio adjustment for video channels including YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr etc.;
  • Motion tracking, colour-balancing (brightness, contrast, hue, vibrancy & saturation), camera shake correction;
  • Clarity enhancement;
  • Titles , sub-titles and overlays;
  • Audio balancing, pitch adjustment, sound-effects and soundtracks;
  • Blu-ray authoring.

Cine Film

We can also covert old 8mm and Super 8 cine film to digital format (including its repair and cleaning) for subsequent editing.  If required, we can also add soundtracks and sound effects to bring old memories to life.  The snippets included below were all taken from 50-60 years old 8mm cine films with sound added.

Restoration & Colorisation of damaged and black & white photos

We have an expertise in repairing and restoring damaged photographs, particularly those of historic or sentimental interest and adding colour to old sepia tinted or black and photographs. As illustrated below:

1) A badly cracked, creased and blemished photograph of King's College Junior School, Wimbledon's 1st XI cricket team dating from 1929.


2) The first step was to take a high resolution scan of the damaged print and painstakingly 'repair' the damaged area and at the same time enhance the overall clarity and definition of the photograph:

3) Although purists may disapprove, the next step was to colourise the image to give it the freshness might expect of a photo that had been taken yesterday:


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