Overview & Development Framework

Our proprietary software development Framework lies at the core of all web services we offer.  The Framework has been developed on a continual basis since our business was founded in 2002.  Written predominantly in PHP, new class and function libraries have been written to extend the code base which has been further extended as client requirements have demanded and browser capabilities have improved.  To our clients, this is best reflected by the fully-featured backend Content Management System (CMS).  This delivers not only an easy to use content editing functionality but also a range of features relating to site speed & security, social media and CRM integration and email/e-newsletter marketing. 

The underlying MySQL/MariaDB database model supports not only the requirements of Corporate and e-commerce websites but also the complex data relationships and cross-referencing required by typical business applications.


We believe our content management system (CMS) backend to be the most user-friendly and flexible around. It is fully featured, offering many functions that are not available in other systems.

Corporate Websites

We help specify and design bespoke websites and then build it on our own proprietary development Framework. We are therefore unrestrained in design and functionality considerations by the limitations associated with off-the-shelf platforms.

Web-based Business Systems

We build web-based operational applications. These have included systems for quotation/tender management, customer relationship management, corporate extranets and HR management systems, employee and customer surveys, controlled document systems etc.

SEO & Social Media

When we build websites for our clients, we want our work to be seen. In this we have the same objective as our clients: high visitor numbers. This relies on good search engine rankings. We know the key factors that influence where a site will feature in these rankings.


We only offer website and application hosting services to our clients. As resellers for A2 our hosting is on lightning fast servers.


We provide full support services for websites and web applications we have written.  These operate on a 24/7/365 basis via our on-line ticketing system and by phone & video conferencing during normal business hours.

Video Editing & Photographic

With more websites including videos in their site content, we are being asked with increasing frequency to edit and optimise videos for delivery over the web and for download. We also convert ciné film to digital format and can offer a range of image and photographic services.

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