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We believe it should be easy for a client to add and amend content on their website themselves.  Therefore we have gone to great lengths to make the backend content management layer of our websites user friendly and easy to use.  A key component of this is the 'Edit content' section of the CMS which displays the site as it actually looks, but in editable form.

Key 'standard' features include:

  • Simple page management, content editing and menu management;
  • Social media integration: linking and sharing across a wide range of SM platforms;
  • Site speed enhancement: minification (strealining) of JavaScript and CSS resources;
  • Newsletter subscription, creation, distribution and response monitoring through an internal CRM module or integration with your own CRM;
  • Rigorous spam filtering on contact and data capture forms including reCAPTCHA (v.2.0 & v.3.0), Spam database lookups and user defined keyword exclusion lists (e.g. 'Bitcoin', 'Meds' etc.);
  • Easy integration and validation with Google Maps, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs etc.;
  • Robust site security/anti-hacking measures and header hardening including X-Frame-Options, Cookie SameSite, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Download-Options, Referrer Policy, X-XSS-Protection and Content Security Policy settings;
  • Database 'healthcheck' and performance bottleneck identification facilities;
  • Visitor friendly error handling for 404, 403 etc. errors;
  • Custom HTML & JavaScript inclusion.

The short video below illustrates how easy it is to add and edit a page on a site built on our framework.


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