About Us

About us

We develop web-based business applications and websites using our own proprietary development Framework.  This Framework has grown to include a huge class and function library that greatly extends the capabilities of the native PHP programming language.  Being originally built to support the complex data models found in business applications, we are able to develop sophisticated applications and websites that would not be easily built on typical website development platforms.


The business was established in 2002, initially as consultancy specialising in organisational development and HR.  Our work in these areas frequently required software solutions that were not available on the market.  So we wrote our own.  Since then, we have continued to provide HR and Strategic consultancy services to a wide range of organisations operating in an equally wide range of sectors.  Our work in developing web-based applications led to us being asked to build public facing websites for our clients.  With the resultant extension of our development platform to cater for the requirements we can design, build and support both internal web-based applications and externally focussed corporate websites.

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